Virtual music - only the good die young


This song was mixed and edited by me and was done as a tribute to a fellow You Tube musician by the name of Zodiac IronFist.  Rob was a great bass player. I only knew him 6 months or so before he passed away. We had done two songs together and we had plans to do a few more. We had got news that he had passed away after leaving from a Christmas vacation. He had a heart attack and was only 38.

So a few of the other fellow musicians gathered together and about 4 of his best friends who also played bass participated in this collaboration of the Iron Maiden classic - Only The Good Die Young.

This video was cut together with members who are spread out all over the world. No one is in the same room and sadly, we may never meet. But as long as the internet is up, we plan on making more of these in the future. For me this is my best video so far and I had a lot of fun doing it. Actually I think the computer kept crashing just as I was trying to finish it -  Oh well. I hope it plays for you on this channel.

From the seventh son of a seventh son Album